Flat-Coated Retrievers


          Training Group Photos by Mike Stanley unless otherwise noted (all rights reserved)

               Elgie Gentry and "Coal" Am/Int CH Vly Crst Diamond In The Ruff JH

               Bill Mitchell and "Tucker" Prairielight Uproarious Feste JH

               Bryce Hart and "Jesse James"
Am/Can CH Valley Crest Wanted Dead or Alive CGC RN JH

                Lynn Winchester and "Solo"
Alynn's Solitaire

               Susan Waterfall and "Denali" CH Gamekeeper’s Denali UD, JH, WCX, MX, MXJ, CGC, VCR2, HOF

              Nancy Dyson and "Inklin"
Coastalight Just An Inklin Photos by Peter Dyson

              Nancy Dyson and "Duncan" Am/Can CH OTCH Can MOTCH Oakwood Columba's Spectre
              UDX TD JH  RA WC HOF Can WC Photos by Peter Dyson

             Nancy Dyson and "Murchie"
Megaflood Storm In A Teacup Photos by Peter Dyson

         Kate Szilard and "Darrow" Flying V Blueberry Evolution

            Susan Waterfall and "Bagheera" CH Gamekeeper's You're Early NA OAJ WC CGC